Discover Groups


Discover Groups

At New Testament, we believe that life is a team sport – best done together! So we want to encourage you to check out a Discover Group. Discover Groups are what we call our small groups, and they are integral to all that we do here at NTCC. In fact, small groups are one of our core values because God uses relationships to help us grow. You can’t grow spiritually without connecting relationally. Being involved in a Discover Group will help you do both: connect and grow. They provide a great way to meet new friends, grow in your relationship with God and make a difference.

How Discover Groups Work

Discover Groups consist of a handful of people who meet once a week for just an hour or 2 in convenient locations all across our community. Through these groups, you will experience friendship, accountability, belonging, care and growth. The majority of our Discover Groups are centered around the Sunday morning message and will use a series of questions to aid in the discussion and life application. Others use books, exercise, crafts, sports…anything really that brings people together.  What a small time commitment for something that could add so much value to your life!

Here are some great reasons to get involved in a Discover Group:

1. You will grow spiritually and learn more about the Bible.

2. You will meet new friends who are going through the same things you are.

3. You will be encouraged and prayed for to help you through the tough times.

4. You will have a lot of FUN!

Discover groups Fall of 2018  Click here.

We encourage everyone to be involved in a Discover Group on a weekly basis. There’s one for almost every night of the week, plus afternoon Discover Groups, so find what’s best for you and get connected! Discover Groups are also a great place to bring friends with you so invite friends to join you whether they attend church or not.

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Sundays 10AM – Main service & Kids Church
Mondays 6:30PM – INSIDEOUT Youth Group
Mondays 11AM- Intercessory Prayer
Saturdays 7AM – Men’s Prayer