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Jumpstart FinalYou have made known to me the ways of life; You will make me full of joy in your presence.”                                                                  Acts 2:28

Kids matter to Jesus, and they matter to us. Each child has been “fearfully and wonderfully” created with unique gifts and a specific life purpose. Jumpstart is committed to helping each child personally encounter and understand God’s presence, power and promises. There’s nothing that compares to knowing and enjoying the goodness and faithfulness of Jesus.

We want every child who participates in Jumpstart to grow up with this understanding:

1. I can make the right choice.
2. I can trust Jesus no matter what.
3. I can do all things through Jesus who gives me strength.
4. Jesus loves me and wants me to extend His love to others.
5. Jesus speaks to me through His Word and by His Holy Spirit.
6. I love to serve and give.
7. I am a child of God and His church is my family. I belong.

349 North Avenue
Rochester, NY 14626
Map and Directions

(585) 723-1400

Sundays 10AM – Main service & Kids Church
Mondays 6:30PM – INSIDEOUT Youth Group
Mondays 11AM- Intercessory Prayer
Saturdays 7AM – Men’s Prayer

How Does Jumpstart Work?

We value worshipping the Lord as a family. Kids stay in the main service during worship. They are dismissed during the offering, as we end our worship portion of the service.

Nursery is available during the ENTIRE service for kids under the age of 4. There is also a private room for nursing LinkClick.aspxmothers.

We have 3 Jumpstart age groups led by trained and trusted volunteers who are committed to providing a fun and accepting environment.

Jumpstart Spark, 4 years old – 1st grade
Jumpstart Ignite, 2nd – 4th grade
Jumpstart Blaze, 5th – 7th grade

Kids will enjoy games, Bible stories and a variety of activities each week, plus a store bought snack. Knowing their monthly memory verse, bringing their Bible and participating in class will move them up the Rewards Chart and earn them Jumpstart Cash. Jumpstart Cash can be saved and accumulated for bigger purchases or can be turned in immediately for candy and small toys.


Your First Visit & How Check-In Works

kids-10610776_822537884478346_4885403953654878412_n-320Every guest is given a student information card upon arrival that needs to be filled out and brought with them when they drop their child off at Jumpstart. This informs the teacher of any special needs, allergies…

Check-in involves our Rewards Chart. Every child has 2 clothespins in their classroom with their name on them. One is placed at the beginning level of the Reward Chart, while the other goes with the parent/guardian. A child can ONLY BE PICKED UP by the adult who comes with the matching clothespin. We have several clothespins available and ready for our guests.

Families who regularly attend Jumpstart can do their Rewards Chart check-in and grab their clothespins before service if they so desire. This is for parents/guardians who allow their children to go to Jumpstart on their own when dismissed from the worship service.



Safety is our highest priority, both physically and emotionally. Parents should feel so confident dropping off their children that they are free to engage in the main service without worry. We accomplish this through our check-in system and by screening and training all of our Jumpstart volunteers. We also have a security team roaming the building and hallways to ensure your family’s utmost safety.


Missions and Kosta

Our church values missions, and we are training our children with the same mindset. God is the ultimate giver, and we are never more like Him than when we share what we have with others. We provide Jumpstart kids and families with quarterly opportunities to serve in our community. We also have designated the 5th Sundays of the month as a missions week in Jumpstart. On the 5th Sunday, everything our kids learn and do is geared towards serving and thinking of others, whether locally or globally.

Jumpstart has also adopted a 14-year old boy named Kosta, who lives in Tanzania. Kosta works on his family’s farm and loves leading worship and studying English. Kosta’s parents make less than $2 a week. Our support enables Kosta to attend a private school, where his teacher actually shows up! Jumpstart kids are able to support Kosta by placing money in the mason jars during offering, or they can donate their Jumpstart Cash during class time. Every $10,000 in Jumpstart Cash is turned into an actual dollar for Kosta.

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