I beheld the greatest sight ever this past Sunday. Ok, maybe not ever, but pretty close to it.

Church was by far done and over, and most people had gone home. I was in the atrium of our church, chatting with a fellow church member and friend, along with my husband. There were just a few people milling around, including those cleaning up the cafe from the morning’s sales. (We have an amazing cafe that serves the most fantastic coffee and delicious smoothies!) I’m not even sure this one particular woman who was cleaning up was even on cafe duty that morning because she wasn’t behind the cafe counter at all. Either way, she was cleaning up, and she caught my attention as she was coming back from the kitchen, carrying a tray of just cleaned cafe dishes.

Now let me throw myself under the bus for a minute. Last week I noticed a smoothie drip stain on one of the walls in the atrium. It was near the stairs leading up to our sanctuary. How it happened is a mystery! (Blame the children right? Always blame the kiddos!) The drip was actually located at a corner wall so this pinkish-red stain was really on two walls. Not only was it on two walls, but it was two lines of smoothie drippings on each wall! It was clinging to those two walls in all of it’s dried up, pinkish-red, spilled smoothie glory.

I noticed this spill first thing last week but had a teen volunteer coming to clean for community service hours. I saved this mini clean-up job for them, but somehow, it didn’t get done. Whether it was forgotten or time ran out, the drips remained. It really wasn’t a big deal to me as I was gonna be at the church late that night for the worship team practice. I figured I’d just clean it up as practice was underway, and I had time to kill. Unfortunately, that never happened either, as I was preoccupied with making copies and doing other things for that particular worship practice. No double lined, two walled, smoothie spillage cleanup was accomplished on Wednesday, as originally planned. Again I thought, no biggie as I left that night, for tomorrow was a new day to get it cleaned up. Unfortunately my tomorrow came and went as a busy Thursday with a rushed departure and that spill was never attended to.

In fact, it was bypassed during the Saturday morning cleaning too. I entered the church Sunday morning and there it clung, mocking me that nobody took the time to clean it up.

Sometimes we just assume someone will take the initiative and take care of things. At least sometimes I do. Or maybe I just hope someone will. For example, extra music copies were made and left on the front row during a Wednesday night worship practice. I can’t remember if I had the same thought as I did with the spill: I’ll take care of it tomorrow. I think I just assumed a worship team member would grab them. That’s what I get for assuming! Sunday morning arrived and as I was in the middle of worship, I just happened to look to the left of me, where that front row, middle section is and what did I see? Indeed there lay the stack of worship music that never got picked up by me or anyone else. Ouch and yikes!

Maybe all of this is what made that late Sunday after church sight all the more beautiful. Maybe it’s because I’m used to working with volunteers and things don’t always get put back where they belong. Sometimes we find ourselves doing the bare minimum so we can get on to the next thing on our agenda. Sometimes we don’t even realize we are doing the bare minimum. It’s perfectly reasonable coming from the church end where it’s not exactly anyone’s personal possession, like their car or house is. A lack of ownership often means we don’t attend to it like we would our very own belongings. This equates to things being overlooked or done with our less than best effort. (Disclaimer: this is by no means everyone but by all means is something that does happen.) I have fallen prey to this myself, whether from laziness, or lack of time, discipline, care or motivation.

But this past Sunday I beheld the greatest sight ever.

That double lined, two walled, pinkish-red smoothie spillage was scrubbed clean by an awesome woman who was walking by and saw it. That’s when the amazingness happened. She saw it and didn’t keep walking. She stopped, squatted and wiped that stain out. It didn’t appear that anyone asked her to do it. She just did it. She noticed it in all of it’s dried up ugliness and chose to do something about it.

That to me was a beautiful and glorious sight; a touching sight; a sight of greatness.

Thank you Kim for not being too good, too busy or too lazy for such a task. On a day when the sermon was about serving, Kim lived it out for us. Instead of moving along, sometimes we just gotta stop, squat and get to work. Thank you Kim for your example of greatness.