Have you ever resolved in your heart to do something, yet you never did it? Maybe you tried. Maybe you started but didn’t get far. Maybe you never even started!

I remember a speaker at Camp Shiloh talking about how they wrote a certain amount of words a day. The purpose was simply to write and build a writing flow. I can’t remember if it was 3,000 words or 300 words a day. Big difference between the two, but what I do remember is resolving to do the same. When I get home from Camp Shiloh, I am going to write 300 words a day!

It really seemed like a great idea! I was excited about the challenge. I think I wrote all of two times. I still have the document in my cloud for easy access. But I haven’t touched it or tried doing that in ages.

We’ve all been there. You get fired up about a decision, a resolution. But walking it out is a bit different. I get it. I’ve been there. I have a goal to read a chapter a day in my leadership book…I’ve missed a few days. In fact the book is glaring at me from where it sits on my desk. We’ve all been there.

The past few months we’ve been discussing the important of our words and what we say. Through December, January and now February, our church messages have been sprinkled with the truth that our words carry either life or death. That when you speak life, you are actually speaking a blessing. That we need to make confessions of faith. Declarations. Verbalizing out loud. That what we say affects what we do. That our lips were made to praise God and confess His Word. That if God said it, we need to say it! Why? Because it’s true! It’s His Word, not some magic formula.

I could go on and on. I have lots of notes.

I resolved back in December to make my own daily confession. Pastor Dad shared his daily confession with us. I loved it. But I wanted my own. I wanted to start declaring what I need for me, what I need to start believing and proclaiming over my own life. That very same day I went home and made a document and typed out a few thoughts of what should be included. I never made it much farther than that! Oh, I wanted my own daily declaration. But, I never set aside the time to work on it.

That there lies the problem. I truly believe we make time for what we want, for what is important, for what matters to us. I also truly believe we squander a lot of time in our lives. Oh don’t get me wrong, some vegging, down time is always needed. But scrolling thru Facebook and Instagram a few dozen times is not needed. Watching hours of television…not needed.

I’ll get off my soap box.

I wasn’t making the time for my own daily declaration. I was lazy about it. SO I SCHEDULED IT IN MY CALENDAR. Yes! It’s true. I literally scheduled: Write Daily Declaration. Here’s the exciting part: I did it! It took some time, thought and research, but I now have my own daily declaration. Reading it gets my spirit fired up. I shared it with a friend, who challenged me to memorize it. That will come. For now I’m just building the habit of DECLARING OUT LOUD these Biblical truths for my life. I am confessing who God says I am; what God says I can do.

Our life moves in the direction of our strongest thoughts. I want God’s Word, His truth, His promises, to be my strongest thoughts. The enemy plays so many tricks in our mind, with our thoughts. (And our feelings…) That’s why the Bible says to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. We have to know what God says! If we don’t know what God says, we’ll believe what anyone says. We’ll believe those thoughts that sneak in but aren’t true. We have to know what God says! Which means, we have to be in His Word. From there, we start confessing and declaring His Word. Why? Because the Bible says “let the redeemed of the Lord say so,” Psalm 107:2.

What I wrote is quite long. But I’m ok with that because it’s for me! I challenge you though, write your own. Get intentional, set aside time and write your own daily declaration. Then start declaring it out loud, every day. I wonder what will happen? I can only imagine good, good things. Break through. Freedom. Faith. Excitement.

I am saying my declaration every day. That’s why it’s a daily declaration! Every day, all year long. I’m speaking life over myself. Those people who say “FML” – you’re crazy! Speak life. Guaranteed your words of life and blessing will change situations, perspectives and attitudes.
Here is mine:

Today, my steps are ordered by the Lord (Psalm 37:23).
I have purpose, direction & meaning.
I am the head & not the tail. (Deuteronomy 28:13)
God’s favor surrounds me as a shield. (Psalm 5:12)
Today I have favor with God & man. (Luke 2:52; I John 4:17)

I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. (2 Corinthians 5:21)
I am full of life. (Romans 8:9-11)
I am forgiven & free. (Ephesians 1:7; John 8:32)
I am called, chosen & anointed. (Romans 8:30-31; John 15:16; Ephesians 1:4)
I am loved & blessed beyond measure. (Jeremiah 31:3; Romans 8:35-38)

Because of Jesus, I lack nothing. I have all that I need in Jesus name.
I am content & complete in Christ alone. (Philippians 4:11; Colossians 2:10)
I am prosperous & fruitful. I am equipped. (3 John 2; John 15:16)

I have the mind of Christ. (1 Corinthians 2:16)
I am creative, innovative, driven & focused because the Holy Spirit dwells within me. (Ephesians 1:3)
I have wisdom, understanding & strength from above. (Psalm 49:3; Proverbs 2:6; Proverbs 8:13-15; 1 John 2:14)
I will think the right thoughts, say the right words & make the right decision in every situation I face today.

God is on my side. I cannot be defeated today.
Overwhelming victory is mine in Christ Jesus. (Romans 8:37)
He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world. (1 John 4:4)
I have the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwelling in me
& that makes me powerful for the Kingdom of God. (Romans 8:11; Ephesians 6:10)
I am called to make a difference. The world will be different & better today as I serve Jesus.
I am a light in this world. (Matthew 5:14)
I am fearless & bold for I know God is with me. (Isaiah 43:5; Joshua 1:9)
I am willing to take God-ordained risks. I will not sit tight in my comfort zone.

As Jesus is, so am I in this world & on this earth. (1 John 4:17).
I am healed, healthy & whole. (1 Peter 2:24)
I will not be sick or in pain today.
I will not be sad, discouraged, depressed, disappointed or defeated today.
I will not lack today. I will not be confused.

I live by faith. (Galatians 2:20: Hebrews 11)
I am grateful in all circumstances. (Ephesians 5:20; 1 Thessalonians 5:18)
I give ear to the Word of God, not the opinion of man.
My eyes are fixed on Jesus. (Psalm 121; Hebrews 12:1-2)
I will not be shaken. I trust God and take Him at His Word. (Psalm 62:6)
The Word of God upholds me & sustains me. (Psalm 119:116)

I err on the side of grace. I give people the benefit of the doubt & believe the best about others.
I refuse to take offense. I choose to forgive. (Proverbs 19:11; Act 24:16; Colossians 3:13)
I am clothed in love. I am ruled by peace. (Colossians 3:14)
I only speak encouraging, life-giving words. I build others up. (1 Thessalonians 5:11)
I bring my best & give my all. (Colossians 3:17, 23)

Love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness & self-control
are at work & abundant in my life.

I am drawing closer to Jesus every day.
I am hidden in the secret place of His presence. (Psalms 31:20)
I seek the Kingdom of God first & above all else. (Matthew 6:33)

I love my husband & will lay down my life to serve him. I prefer his interests above my own.
My family will love & serve God all the days of their life.
I will do all I can to love, nurture, serve, equip & train them to do more for His Kingdom than they can imagine.