Core Values


 Welcome Home

You fit. There is a place for you in the family. You will never have to go it alone.


Identity Found

When God sees you, He sees His Son. As Jesus is so are you in this world. That is who you are; that is your true identity.

Believers, not Doubters

We take God at His Word. We walk by faith, trusting in the finished work of Christ.

Fingerprints & Snowflakes

God sees each individual as His most valuable masterpiece, complete with unique gifts, talents and abilities.

Embrace the Pause

We cherish worship and the presence of God, yielding to the supernatural, miracle working power of the Holy Spirit.

It’s Not as Simple as the Butterfly

We are all in the continual process of being transformed. Lasting change is not a matter of what  we do, rather what God does, renewing us from the inside out.

Big @ Heart

God is the ultimate giver; we are never more like Him than when we share what we have with others.


Circles, Not Rows

There’s so much more than the Sunday service. Authentic, healthy relationships are fostered in small groups, as we spend time together.



The Extra Mile

Serving is not seasonal, occasional, nor does it ever grow old; it is a lifestyle. Personal greatness is achieved as we serve and meet the needs of others.

No Strings Attached

Grace is God’s unearned favor. We are not blessed because we are good but because God is good! There are absolutely no conditions to receiving God’s best at all times.

It’s a Small World After All

We love our neighbor, even if they live on the other side of the globe.

Put Your Feet Up

Your past doesn’t determine your future, nor does your performance determine your acceptance. God doesn’t judge you based on your behaviors; neither do we.

349 North Avenue
Rochester, NY 14626
Map and Directions

(585) 723-1400

Sundays 10AM – Main service & Kids Church
Mondays 6:30PM – INSIDEOUT Youth Group
Mondays 11AM- Intercessory Prayer
Saturdays 7AM – Men’s Prayer