The Gospel of Grace

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Here at New Testament, we preach the Gospel of Grace.
Grace isn’t a philosophy, but a Person: Jesus Christ!
We are “all about exalting the person of Jesus and giving Him the central place
in the Church by focusing people on His finished work at Calvary.”

When God gave us Jesus, He gave us His best, the best He could give.
He gave us Himself.
Once you have Jesus, you have everything you’ll ever need.
God gave us Jesus and with Jesus comes everything.

As we embrace grace, we are empowering change in our lives.
Change is not about acting out something but being acted upon (the Holy Spirit).
All meaningful change starts on the inside, where only the Holy Spirit can go.
Lasting change comes from the presence of the Lord.
If your heart changes, your outward actions will follow.
Changed lives are proof that God is at work.

Grace Makes the Difference
  • Grace is unearned, undeserved, unmerited FAVORgrace
  • Everything we get from God has been made available by grace
  • We don’t need to plead, bargain with, or convince God that we are worthy of His blessing.
  • The goodness of God isn’t based on what we do but simply on the fact that God is good.
  • You are not blessed because you are good but because God is good! And He’s good to us simply because He’s good.
  • He’s already blessed us w all spiritual blessings…and we can access that by faith.
  • There are no conditions to receiving God’s best at all times We always get God’s best with no strings attached.
  • There’s nothing in your life, past or present, that disqualifies you from receiving God’s best for your life.
  • We are all hand picked by God, accepted & included in His story.
Grace & Jesus
  • Grace isn’t a philosophy but a Person: Jesus Christ!asheis-bannersize-nologo
  • Jesus came to break all curses off our lives. When Jesus died, all your sins were future but were totally paid for on the cross so you could be totally forgiven.
  • By ONE man’s disobedience ALL were made sinners; therefore by ONE Man’s obedience, ALL are made righteous
    Jesus has already been condemned for our sins; 2 people can’t be charged for the same offense!
  • He stands in front of the Judge on our behalf to say no, the price, the punishment has already been paid.
  • Jesus did not die so we would never sin again; He died so our sin would never be an issue between us & God again.
  • Jesus did all the work…we get all the benefit.
  • He came to take the burdens OFF! (Religion puts them on)
  • He became poor so that we might become rich.
  • He did for us what we could not do for ourselves.
  • Everything got turned around because of Jesus. The curse has been reversed!
  • God did not send Jesus to show us how bad we are but to point out all that is right in us!
  • Jesus didn’t disqualify anybody; He died so we could all be qualified.
  • If you will learn to cultivate the presence of Jesus in your life you will prosper, find success & fulfillment because God chose to put everything in Jesus
  • There’s no good & bad to Jesus; there’s sinners & there’s righteous.
Grace & the Holy Spirit
  • Jesus sent the Holy Spirit under the new covenant.
  • The law brought death and condemnation. The Holy Spirit gives life, freedom & change.
  • The work of the Holy Spirit is to convict believers of their righteousness. (John 16:10)
  • He is not here to show us or point out our problems. The Holy Spirit is not a nagger. He is here to show the answer.
  • The Holy Spirit is God, and He is God’s change agent.
  • The Holy Spirit has an ability that no one else has.
    • The work of the Holy Spirit is an inside job, going where nobody else can go.
    • All meaningful change comes from the inside; it’s an inside job, where the Holy Spirit goes.
  • We are BEING transformed…by the Spirit of The Lord
    • Lasting change comes from the presence of The Lord (not by us trying harder…)
    • Change is not about acting out something but being acted upon.
Grace & Sin
  • Whenever there is sin, grace appears. Grace shows up where we need it most.
  • Grace isn’t a reason to sin but is a sin buster.
  • Grace stops sin! Grace is our way out.
  • Grace releases us. Grace ministers freedom.
  • His grace is inexhaustible.
  • When we feel totally unworthy: that’s what grace is for.
  • Grace makes us Christ conscious not sin conscious.
  • Sin is not strong enough to separate you from the grace of God (Ishmael was still blessed)
  • When you have grace, you can conquer anything; there is POWER in grace
Grace & Identity
  • If God is our Father & we are His child then that means we are just like Him!
  • We find ourselves when we find Jesus.
  • Once we identify ourself with Jesus, we see ourselves in a whole different light!
  • God takes full delight in us…even with all our struggles and failures.
  • Hell can’t overcome someone who knows who they are in Christ.
  • God: I am who I am
  • Us: I am who He is
  • Whatever is true of Jesus is true of us (1 John 4:17)
  • As He is, so am I, in this world!
  • Anything that is true of Jesus can also be said of you!
  • God’s grace canceled out our least & our unworthiness. That’s not who we are. God is not looking at what we’ve done wrong; He’s looking at what Jesus did right!
  • We frustrate the grace of God when we look anywhere but to the cross & Jesus Christ for our identity.
  • Whatever we are, we are that by the grace of God.
  • I am what I am by the grace of God
  • If God is not looking at our sins, why should we?
  • If grace did not give it to you, then that’s not who you are!
  • Grace has made us something & we CAN NOT be any other way.
    1. Righteous (2 Cor 5:21)
    2. Son of God (1 John 3:1)
    3. Forgiven (Ephesians 1:7)
    4. Strong (Ephesians 6:10)
    5. Victorious (Romans 8:37)
    6. Healthy (1 Peter 2:24)
    7. Prosperous (3 John 2)
    8. Fruitful (John 15:16)
    9. Loved (John 3:16)
    10. Blessed (Ephesians 1:3)
Grace & Forgiveness
  • We are able to forgive because of the riches of God’s grace.(Ephesians 1:7)bible
  • Once you realize the scope of His love & forgiveness, then you are able to love & forgive others.
  • He is merciful to the unrighteousness.
  • ALL unrighteousness receives mercy under the NEW covenant.
  • To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable, because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you. – CS Lewis
Grace & Love
  • God loves us as much as He loves His Son because He gave up His Son for us.image008
  • To understand how much God loves us, we have to understand how much God loves His Son
  • “For God SO loved the world…”  (John 3:16)
  • How much does God love us? He SO loves us
  • The Father’s love for Jesus is perfect. If Jesus is perfectly loved, then so are we
  • God’s love is total & complete at all times
  • There are no “levels” of His love
  • Love is not what we do for God but simply that He loves us
  • He didn’t save us so we can work for Him; He saved us because He loves us.
  • The most profound thing in the Bible is: God loves us. He really, truly loves us.
  • We conquer thru Him who loves us, the One Who never fails. No storm, struggle, or failure could ever defeat or sink us.
The Economics of Grace
  • Grace is never concerned about fairness.
  • God not only meets the need, but He goes above & beyond that
  • All of creation testifies to the fact that God lives to be generous.
    • God is a giver; He loves to give! He is so incredibly good, He can’t help Himself.
    • When God gave us Jesus, He gave us His best, and with Jesus comes everything you’ll ever need.
  • The scandalous economics of grace is that things don’t add up.
  • All grace comes freely, as a gift
    • God is the giver, we are the recipient.
  • God has cheated no one by giving to everyone freely. God’s grace cheats no one; it’s open to everybody, available to all.
  • Grace can’t be fair because it came to us thru the most unfair act. It comes to us not because we’re good but because He is good
  • It’s not about finishing last or first; it’s about NOT counting. We receive grace as a gift from God, not as something we toil to earn
  • God is also not limited by our mistakes. He is so good He can bless everything and anything. (Just look at the life of Abraham or Jacob!)
Grace & Giving
  • Giving proves the sincerity of our love for God & people.
  • To the heart touched & changed by the grace of God, no commandment is necessary.
  • Abram tithed because he was blessed of God & grateful
  • We are called to “abound in this grace of giving.”
  • Don’t ever think you’re ever doing yourself a favor when you give 2 God; you’re doing yourself a favor! You can’t out-give God.
  • Giving leads 2 increase. We are not diminished but increased by our giving.
  • When we give, it affects the generations that come (Hebrews 7:8-9). Levi got credit for Abraham’s tithes tho he wasn’t his son or grandson but his great grandson (Jacob’s son).
  • When we give, everything else becomes holy (separated to the Lord), and the devil can’t touch what is holy (Romans 11:16).
  • Jesus didn’t come to give some or a part but ALL.
  • God has given us His all & He’s not diminished
  • We can’t give our all without being diminished, but there’s a way that represents our all and that is our tithe. We literally can’t give God our all, but we can give Him our tithe.
  • Tithing is a result of a revelation of God’s greatness: I’ve got to give back to the God who’s given me all! It’s our response; I’m giving back to You, God.

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